Awards Nights

An awards night is an important evening for you and your employees. Central Audio Visual will help you ensure this special night will not soon be forgotten. Allow us to help you plan the audio visual for your event, healing we can provide you with creative suggestions to help make presentations stand out and create an exciting night for all involved. If you are presenting awards the aim is to make these individuals noticed, use our LED screens on either side of the stage and our professional camera operators will display images on the screens; there won’t be a bad seat in the house!

As well as being able to see people on stage, it is vital that all your guests can hear them as well. We will provide you with a sound system to ensure crystal clear sound is heard throughout the venue for both speeches and music. Take advantage of our extensive range of modern and unique equipment such as lecterns, white silk drapes, LED curtains and our water effect lights to make the whole room look extra special. Our professional operators will take care of everything behind the scenes, making sure images and vision go on the screens at the right time and the sound is always at the perfect level.

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